Sunday, January 8, 2012

Elmo and Cookie Monster Tutu Dress Tutorial

For Elsie's second birthday, I made tutu dresses for both Elsie and Evelyn. I got the brilliant idea of using a crocheted headband as the waistband from a friend of mine and it worked beautifully. By using this, making a two layer tutu was a breeze.

Supplies: one headband and 2 spools of 25 yard tulle for each tutu, Felt for faces

For the Elmo tutu, I purchased on spool of orange and one of red as well as a spool of sparkly orange for a couple accent strips.

To make the dress, cut the strips of tulle double the desired length of your dress, I cut them into 22 inch lengths.

Fold the strip in half and push the folded end through a bottom hole on the headband. Loop it around the front and pull the two long ends through the loop. Proceed all the way around the bottom row. For the second layer, loop the tulle through every other hole in the second row from the bottom. Pull the folded end through the hold that the first layer of tulle went through. Continue all the way around the headband.

For the face, Cut circles out of black felt to mat the eyes on. Cut white felt circles slightly smaller than the black. Glue together. Cut small circles for the pupils- glue onto whites of eyes. Hot glue to tutu. Cut nose and mouth- glue to dress.

I added a strip of tulle to tie around the neck of the dress to hold it up.

For Cookie Monster, I cut out cookies and chocolate chips from felt and glued them around the dress. I also made a cookie with a bite taken from it for Evelyn's headband.

End result... two adorable little divas ready to party in their Sesame Street dresses!


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