Monday, July 8, 2013

Non-slip Adjustable Headband DIY

This is a great 15 minute project that is very useful. Its so hard to find a good headband to work out in. My hair is very thick and curly, so not any headband will work. I always have issues with headbands either slipping or giving me a headache if they're too tight. These headbands are great because the velvet ribbon keeps it from slipping and the adjustable feature helps it sit perfectly on your head without being too tight.

The velvet ribbon was a little tricky for me to find, but I was able to get a 2 1/2 inch spool and cut it down to size. I actually think that was more cost effective than finding a5/8 spool.

Not into making your own? Visit my etsy shop to purchase one. I'm currently building up my inventory, but I have a few ones made to sell. Looking for a specific color? Email me and I can make one for you.

Non-Slip Adjustable Headband


20" length of 5/8" ribbon- cut into 3 pieces- 18" & (2) 1"
7" length of 1/2" width elastic- cut into 2- 2" & 5"
18" length of 5/8 width velvet ribbon
1 set lingerie strap slide & ring
Coordinating Thread

1. Place the two ribbons wrong sides together (velvet facing out) and stitch down each side, leaving the ends open. Be sure to go slow. Since you're top-stitching, you want to make sure that it looks neat.

2. Take the 2" length of elastic and fold it in half. Place the lingerie ring in the elastic and place the two ends of the elastic into one end of the ribbon. Pin into place. Stitch elastic using a zig-zag or elastic stitch. I went back and forth several times to make sure it was secure.

3. Take the 5" length of elastic and the lingerie slide. Loop the elastic around the center of the slide and stitch the end in place.

Bring the other end of the elastic through ring that was sewn on the band and through the slide. Place in the remaining end of the two ribbons. Stitch into place.

4. Take the two 1" pieces of ribbon and singe the ends. Wrap around the end of the of the ribbons to cover and top stitch.

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