Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea Party Decorations DIY

For the decorations at my sister's bridal shower, I purchased candle holders, tea cups and tea pots from Goodwill and spray painted them bright colors. This is what my back yard looked like for weeks this summer:

Here are a few projects: Be sure to prime all glass and metal before painting to ensure the paint stays on. I used many different primers, but the self-etching worked the best on glass.

Finished Products: 

A Pink Candelabra:
Old candelabra, paint, foil, Mardis Gras beads

Toadstool Centerpiece:
Wooden Bowl, Ceramic Vase, hot glue and paint

Tea Cup Centerpiece: 
Three tea cups painted different colors, ribbon, feather boa

Glass bowl centerpiece: 
Small glass bowl, mardi gras beads, painted candlestick


 Other decoration ideas:

String a deck of cards on ribbon

Hang clocks on the walls set to tea time: 6:00

Lawn ornaments as decorations: 

Gather Pretty Vintage Teapots at resale shops- I didn't pay more than $3 for any of these

Print out quotes from the movie or book on posters

Signs pointing in the opposite direction

I hope this gave you lots of ideas for your tea party!


  1. These are quite elegant decorations of tea party. Couple of weeks ago, I arranged my family get together party at one of lovely NYC venues. Decorated the venue in an excellent way and everyone liked all arrangements a lot.


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