Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hairbow display

Yet another thrift store frame craft... I love them because you can find really unique looking frames for under $3 and if they're a little beat up, it just adds character to your project! I suggest using a frame that is no bigger than 11 x 14...any larger and the ribbon isn't as strong.

For this project you'll need:

A large wooden frame
Hot glue & gun
Staple Gun & staples

Paint the frame. This took about 4 coats for me because the wood soaked up the paint. Cut the ribbon to the desired length. Burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying. Using the staple gun, staple the ribbon in place behind the frame (this took my husband and I because I wanted them held tight). Go over the staples with the glue gun to prevent fraying and for extra hold.

I attached it to my wall using Velcro picture hangers. This not only made it easy to hang, but it also holds the frame from the wall so that I can easily slip on the hair clips.

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