Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrift Store Refinished Tutu Night Stand

Elsie is in love with all things girly. If it's sparkly or frilly, I usually get a big exclamation of "Elsie loves it!" So, when I decided she needed a night stand and lamp because she can't reach her light switch, I knew it had to be a pretty night stand.

I purchased this nightstand for $3 from Goodwill. I was on the hunt for a circular table, but decided after two months of searching that a square would have to do because I was ready to start this project. This is a very easy transformation and has gotten rave reviews from my two year old client.

Note: I used 3 yards of tulle for my table. The table was 48 inches around- I wish I had added another half yard of tulle. A good rule of thumb is to have the tulle be 3 times the length around your table.

small table
white spray paint
clear acrylic sealer
3 yards purple tulle
elastic- cut to 2 inches shorter than the outside boarder of the table.
hot glue

I started by spray painting the table white. This took about 4 coats because my table was a light wood. Then I sprayed it with a clear acrylic sealer.

I took the tulle and spread it out on the floor and folded it in half so that the long sides of the tulle touched. Then I took the front piece of tool and folded it so the end was at the fold. I repeated this for the back piece of tulle. So, I now had four layers of tulle. I pinned a ribbon down the length of the tulle one inch from the top.

Then I sewed the top and bottom of the ribbon to the tulle. This created a small pocket down the length of the tulle. Then I carefully cut all the folds of the tulle.

Then with a safety pin attached to one end of the elastic, I pushed it through the ribbon until the entire length of tulle was on the elastic.

I wrapped the tulle skirt around the table and tied the elastic in a knot. Then I adjusted the tulle so that it was even all the way around.

I applied hot glue around the four corners of the table to affix the tutu. I did not glue it all the way around because I felt that the four legs were enough and then it damaged less of the table if I decide to change it in the future.

I added the bow in the center of the front of the table.

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