Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby Boy Nursery: Boxing Glove Applique Strip Quilt

My best friend since middle school, Lee, is having a baby boy in September. In true Lee form, rather than going with the usual teddy bear or  jungle themes, she chose a unique theme: boxing. In choosing this, she has destined herself to completely decorate the nursery with no inspiration other than her very creative mind.

I offered to make her baby quilt for her since she couldn't find any matching bedding. This was a little nerve wracking since I couldn't find any boxing appliques to model my quilt after. So I had to wing it and hope it somewhat resembled a pair of boxing gloves. My favorite part about this quilt is the light blue strips, which I made using the fabric from the bridesmaid dress I wore in her wedding. I wish I had thought of that for all my family and friends!

I hope this quilt inspires you...maybe Lee will start a fad of boxing nurseries...I think its a fab idea. Here is a link to my strip quilt tutorial.


  1. Vinnie totally needs one of these stripped quilts! Maybe I can find some fabric I like for my room to. Id love to have one also!


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