Monday, December 26, 2011

Ruffle Butt Bloomers

I made these bloomers for Evelyn to go with her Christmas outfit. They were very easy to make and I think they turned out fabulous. Now, I'm need to try to figure out how to incorporate them into her first birthday outfit that's coming up in a few weeks.

To start, I purchased a pair of plain bloomers from hobby lobby. You can find them near the plain onesies and t-shirts.  To make the ruffles, I purchased 4 types of ribbon at varying widths and styles. I had the tulle on-hand from making Elsie's Santa dress.

First step was to make the ruffles. Measure the width of the bloomers and double to get the length of all the cuts of ribbon. I burned the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to ensure there would be no fraying.

To make the ribbon ruffle, you need to do a basting stitch with your sewing machine. Set your stitch width as wide as it will go and the stitch length a high as it will go. Sew at the top of the ribbon. If you have thin ribbon, it may start to gather after you sew it, this is OK. Once you've sewn the top of the ribbon, hold the bottom string at the end of the ribbon and slide the ribbon on the string so that it gathers into a ruffle. Adjust it to fit your bloomers.
For the tulle,  cut the 6" wide strip of tulle into 2" strips. Sew the three strips together at the top of the tulle. Then, do the basting stitch with your sewing machine above the first stitch line. Gather as as you did the other ribbon.

Now it's time to start to assemble the ribbons. Start with the tulle and pin it into place on the bloomers. Sew with a regular straight stitch. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of the tulle. Then just add the next rows of ribbon. Make sure you're overlapping enough so that the stitching isn't visible.


End Result... the cutest baby butt you've ever seen!

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