Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Tutu Dress Tutorial

I love tulle! Elsie has had something made from tulle for every Christmas and birthday of her little two year old life. My only issue is how it bunches up. I'm going to experiment with spray starch on my next one to see if that helps.

This dress was made from 2 1/2 25 yard spools of tulle, a small white crocheted headband, small feather boa, black satin ribbon- 1" and a rhinestone buckle.

I cut the tulle into 30" strips. I did two rows of tulle to make it nice and full. I prefer to use the crochet headbands over elastic because its much easier and you can get more tulle on the dress without poofing it out as you would with elastic.

After I had the tutu done, I cut 10" of the boa (the exact measurement of Elsie's from arm to arm) and sewed it to the top of the headband with a large zig-zag stitch. Be sure to pull the headband tight as you sew, just like you would if you were sewing elastic.

Then I cut the ribbon at 50" so that it hung to almost the end of the dress when it was tied. I looped the ribbon through the headband in the back to help keep it in place. Finally, I took one strip of tulle and looped it in the front to make a neck strap to hold up the dress.

For the headband, I bought a white satin headband from hobby lobby and formed red felt into the shape of a Santa hat and hot glued it together. Then, I hot glued the boa around the bottom and the pom pom to the top. Finally, I hot glued it on the head band.


  1. Can I ask where the dress came to on your little one when worn??

    1. It hit to just under her knees. She was a tall two year old, though.


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