Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gutter Book Shelf DIY

I admit it, I have a book fetish. I am addicted to buying books- especially children's books. Even before I had the girls and Logan, I would use babysitting as an excuse to run to the bookstore and pick up a new book. Over the years, I've gathered quite a collection. When I started renovating the girls' room, one of the first things we did after painting was hang the gutter book display.

I got this idea via Pinterest.  I love this concept because it's great for the soft-cover books that don't sit well on a book shelf. I love that it's close to the floor so that both Evelyn and Elsie can access it at all times. It was cheap, too. The most expensive part about it was the gutter hangers, so if you can think of a way to hang it without the hangers, you'll save about $20. Otherwise, this project was under $30 for the entire display. It was an added bonus that the stock color matched my room decor.

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