Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

My husband has the worst memory of anyone I know. Many fights have begun with him saying "You never told me that..." I've actually resorted to not telling him about anything until the last minute and telling him that I told him weeks ago to save me the aggravation of thinking he doesn't care enough to listen.  Enter our dry erase calendar...

I made this dry erase calendar in January and I put all our important dates on it each month. He is responsible for keeping up on what is on it and it's saving our marriage :). This is made from a picture frame I bought at Goodwill for $3.  So, not only does it match my new laundry room perfectly, but it was the right price too!

DIY Dry Erase Calendar

12x18" frame
coordinating cardstock
coordinating fabric- 12x18"
Days of the week typed and printed in desired font
Duct tape
paper cutter
scrapbook paper adhesive
Glue gun

Pop out the back and contents of the frame and paint. Cut {35} 2 x 2" squares in desired color of cardstock. Cut a 1x5" strip for the month. Cut {5} 1x16" strips of paper.

Line up a 1x16" strip above the ruler. Place {7} 2x2" squares 1/4" apart on the strip. Make sure it lines up straight and glue the squares to the strip. Repeat with the remaining 4 strips. This can be done easily by placing the next strip on top of the strip that is already done and lining up the squares with the strip below.

Using a glue gun, adhere fabric to the back of the picture frame.

Affix the strips of paper on the fabric with paper adhesive. Glue the 1x5" strip at top first, then the days of the week and lastly, line up the strips appropriately.

Put the glass in the frame, followed by the calendar. Using duct tape, tape the calendar in the frame (if your frame has staples that you can use to hold in the calendar, duct tape isn't needed- I have found goodwill frames to be lacking that type of backing).

Using a dry erase marker, fill in your calendar. the glass can be cleaned monthly using glass cleaner or a dry erase marker eraser.

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