Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Lace Crowns

Elsie's birthday is coming up and she wants a Pinkalicious birthday party. I have spent a few weeks agonizing over what she will wear. We've done the tutu dress thing a few times now and I'm ready for something different. The other night, we were reading Pinkalicious and she pointed out that Pinkalicious wears a crown (which I have never noticed before). She looked up at me with the most excited look I've ever seen on her face and asked, "Mommy, are you going to make me a pretty crown for my Pinkalicious birthday party?" Her excitement was so incredibly adorable, I began scouring the Internet to find the best crown for her birthday. This Blog had my favorite.

I purchased a 9ft roll of lace trim at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 (and it was half off).  The trim was gathered on the roll, but I trimmed off the bottom seam to ungather it, which ended up giving me an extra 5 inches on the 14 inch section I cut off, so you could get about 12 crowns off one roll of trim. Pretty great deal.

Here is how I did it...

12-14 inches of lace trim
fabric stiffener
wax paper
hot glue

Cut your lace to your desired length. I did 14 inches. It was a good amount for her little 3 year old head. I wanted the look of the crown sitting on top and attached with bobby pins.

Lay trim on wax paper. Apply fabric stiffener with your finger all over the lace. I really saturated it.

Once the trim has dried to the point that it's not tacky to the touch (about 30 min), paint with desired color. I used a metallic gold.

Wait about 30 minutes and paint the opposite side.

Once dry (about 1 hour), stand up the lace and glue the ends together with hot glue. Be careful, the lace is thin and has holes so it's easy to burn yourself.

Let stand on wax paper overnight to harden.

Embellish as you wish. I cut petals from satin, burnt the edges, sewed them in the style of a peony and put a pearl charm in the center. As you can see in the picture, I also applied a pink pearl trim.  I attemped to glue it the first time but ended up cutting it off and sewing the strand on. I didn't like the look of the glue on the bottom of the crown.

Elsie loves her crown...she has asked everyday if she can wear it.

 I had a hard time getting her to stand still she loved it so much.


I liked it so much, I had to put it on myself...who wouldn't want to wear this everyday???

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