Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My sympathies for the families who lost loved ones last week

This has been a sad week in the United States. Two mass shootings in one week and one of this involving 20 little ones. My heart breaks for those families that lost a child, sister, mother or friend. In the last week, I have found myself evaluating my surroundings everywhere I go for an evacuation route if a gunman walked in.

I'm not sure why. No other mass shooting has ever affected me this way. Maybe because I'm a mom of little girls and my heart hurts when they stub their toe. If something violent ever happened to them, I don't think I could go on living. I don't to spark a major debate as this is just the personal opinion of a mother wanting to protect her little ones, but I do hope that better gun control, safer schools and mental health care reform comes from this incident.

My prayers are with those families in Connecticut. I pray for this little ones that lost a sibling to have the understanding and bravery to move on and for the parents to be able to cope and heal.

Hug your little ones extra hard and count your blessings. I certainly have.

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