Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Picture Frame Christmas Wreath

I love the look of picture frame wreaths. I love the price even more- $6.50! I purchased the frame and the red beads at a thrift store in town, the ornaments came from the Dollar Spot at Target (greatest finds in there!) and the G was from Hobby Lobby. A little paint, glue and ribbon from my craft supplies and I gorgeous wreath that I'm ecstatic about hanging on my door!

Here is how I did it...

I spray painted this picture frame gold.

Then painted the G green. I added the red polka dots by dipping the end of a sponge paint brush in the paint and dabbing it randomly on the G.

Then I looped the cranberries around the frame and hot glued them to the back of the frame on every loop.

Hang the ornaments at graduating heights and tie in a knot to hold them together. Use a staple gun to affix the ribbon to the back of the frame. I also covered it in hot glue to prevent fraying.

Tie a bow in coordinating ribbon to the front of the frame and you're done! I hung it on my door with a ribbon that went over the door to an upside down command hook on the other side, but a wreath hanger would probably work as well.

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