Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

We spent the new year with our good friends, the Jones'. It was a very low key evening, just playing games, talking and hanging out with good friends. All three of my little monsters were awake to ring in the new year...Evelyn made it by about 3 minutes before she crashed in my arms. It made for a very nice morning, since the first stirring in the kid's rooms didn't take place until 10:00am.
I am very glad to say goodbye to 2011. Its been a challenging year for my family, but the tide has turned in the last couple months and 2012 is looking very promising for us. I've never been one to make resolutions, aside from the standard weight loss ones however this year, I'm making an exception because I want to take control of my crazy life instead of just running full speed through it. I read somewhere that you're 95% more likely to keep your resolutions if you write them down...I'm taking it a step further and holding myself accountable to you all.

Here are a few of my resolutions for 2012:

1. Loose 50 pounds... yes, I had to have a weight loss one in here. I feel good about this one because last year at this time, I had 100 pounds to loose- yes, some of that was a baby that I gave birth to on January 11th, but I only lost about 10 pounds after she was born without the help of Weight Watchers, which I started in March. I lost 50 pounds and then got a little side tracked the last half of the this date, I'm currently 2 pounds lighter than at my last WW meeting, so I'm deeming that a success and I'm ready to loose the rest!

2. Cook 5 dinners a week. Goodbye McDonald's! I love to cook and I'm ready to start doing it again. I am going to try to plan easy meals that are healthy that I can have on the table within 30 minutes of getting home.

3. Renovate my kitchen, downstairs bathroom & laundry room... that's my fun resolution! More to come on my blog with this.

4. Play with my girls for 30 minutes each weeknight. I know this doesn't sound like a lot, but considering I get home about 90 minutes before their bedtime, it can be a little challenging to make time for play.

5. Get more organized with my party planning. I run big special events for a living. I'm very organized and detailed with my events and I think I do a great job at it. With my small personal birthday parties, showers, etc, I never seem to make enough time to do everything I want to do for them. So, this year I'm vowing to take my event planning skills from work and throwing some great parties this year.  Since I have 3 children's birthday parties, a bridal shower and hopefully I'll get to help with my sister-in-law's baby shower, I'll have my hands full...but it will be fun!

Well...hopefully I'll be able to keep a few of these. Happy New Year everyone!

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