Monday, February 18, 2013

A Hello Kitty Themed Birthday Party

The Hello Kitty company has genius marketing executives. Never have I seen something that isn't linked to a cartoon or movie be so popular. I suppose when you manufacture pink & sparkly items, you will sell anything.

My girls are enamored with Hello Kitty. They want everything they see with this little feline on it. So, it was fitting that we did a Hello Kitty theme for Evelyn's second birthday party. Since we had her party at a jump house place, we didn't get to decorate- however, I did come up with plenty of ways to keep myself busy in the week before the party.

Here are the pics...I hope it helps inspire you for your own little Hello Kitty affair!
The Invitations... 

I used the bow from a Minnie Mouse option on my Mickey & Friends Cricut cartridge. My mom made this into a birthday card a few years ago and used a butterfly punch. 

The Dresses... 

Here are the peasant dresses I made for the occasion. You can view the tutorial here. I had issues getting good pics of the girls in the dresses. I hope to get a few new ones on here soon. 

The Goodie Bags... 

The treats...

I made cake pops for the goodie bags. To make this a hello kitty pop, I used pink chocolate and made a bow out of two heart candies- these are in abundance since we're so close to Valentine's Day.

These are my butter cookies. I just cut them into circles and added a bow and whiskers. I thought about purchasing a Hello Kitty cookie cutter, but decided I liked this idea better. 

Here are my other additions to the goodie bags...not hello kitty themed, but yummy & festive!

More cake pops...who doesn't love these?

Marshmallow Sundae here for the tutorial

The plates...
 Just a plain white plate with the same bow from the invites. 

The Birthday Girl...

Happy second birthday to my beautiful baby girl!


  1. So impressed! I love the use of the hearts to make a bow, I can use that idea for a Minnie Mouse Bday party in March!

    Looked like a fun party - wish I was there or at least had gotten a goodie bag :)


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